Dungeon Masters Needed! Badly!

Being a Dungeon Master can be hard.

Being a Dungeon Master for people you don’t know can be really hard.

Being a Dungeon Master for people you don’t know as we’re trying to find our way out of a pandemic of historic proportions?


But we really need some. Not even conventions are immune to the effects of getting enough people to fill positions in our current world! We have players who want to have a good time, but we need more brave souls to run our Adventurer’s League events.

So here’s the deal: you DM for us, and we give you nice things for doing it. Easy! In the process, you’ll meet cool new people and have fun in a safe, masked environment. Worried about interacting with people? Good news! Each D&D table is in its own room* so you will only have regular contact with your players around the table with no interruptions or interlopers.

  • Run 2 events for us, get that day’s badge for free.
  • Run 4 events for us, you get to go to the convention with a shiny, free badge for the weekend.
  • You get a dice bag, pint glass, and lanyard from the convention.
  • In addition, one of our DMs will receive a Wyrmwood Black Walnut Tabletop Tray! (Decided with a die roll, of course!)

Worried about transportation or lodging? Talk to us, we’ll do what we can to make everything work (obviously, if you want to run lots of tables, we’ll try really hard!) our list of events are on tabletop events, so if you’re interested, we can tell you what slots we need people for and will try and match you up accordingly.

For more information, or to commit to the cause, message us at armourcon.info@gmail.com

We hope (really, seriously hope) to see you there!

*The Epic is in the Courtyard, open air area and such, and will be closer together. But we’ll do everything we can to ensure spacing and comfort.
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