It’s Sunday. You Know What That Means.

It’s time to get hype for the SRG SuperShow!

The SuperShow is BACK for Armour Con 2021, where there will be a Takeover of one of the event halls for a nonstop three days of card flipping, smack talking, and jabroni beating. They will be running a host of events all through the weekend, as well as giving demos and selling some ever-precious swag. If you want to check this game out at any point during Armour Con*, they’ll be happy to break you in. But if you want to get in on the events and maybe even get a title shot yourself, you need to do one extra step.

SRG SuperShow events have their own prize support, awesome rare cards, and yes, even REAL title defenses, so there is an extra monetary cost involved if you really want in on the action. Hop on over to the registration and events site (you know the one! Okay okay, fine: ) and scoop up the SRG SuperShow Add-On. If you don’t, that’s okay! You can always upgrade your badge at the day of the convention to get in on the madness. Just… no What chants, okay?

*If you want to check this game out at any point at all, then head here!

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