It was Worth the Wait: Registration is Live NOW!

Armour Con 2021 Registration is LIVE! Click here to buy your Badge!

And we have BIG News!

First things first, let me repeat myself: Registration goes live at 7 PM Eastern time tonight, June 16th. It’s been a long time coming, and the wait is paying off with surprise announcements for everyone chomping at the bit.

Para Bellum Wargames, the maker of Conquest, the Last Argument of Kings, is an official sponsor of Armour Con 2021! The Armoury has worked with Para Bellum and supported Conquest since its inception, and now that partnership has led to complete support by Para Bellum for the con.

Conquest is a two-game system that uses a single line of high-quality miniatures to support both. Their mass fantasy battle ruleset is known as The Last Argument of Kings, for fans of rank and flank games, larger tables, and massive armies. First Blood is their skirmish game, designed to be held almost anywhere. Both systems use the same sculpts, featuring high detail plastic and resin designed for enjoyment in all aspects of the hobby. The game also has a Living World, a way for the player base to influence the narrative by guiding major characters and events. This allows the community to forge Conquest’s history while earning cool prizes and unique products through Conquest’s Account Rank System. We’re happy to support Conquest as a company of fellow gamers who look to forge strong ties with the local community to build the game (and love it!) as much as they do.

They are going to be present at the convention, selling and running demos for the game. Anyone who receives a demo at their official booth will get a free unit box to take home (a $40-45 value!) And did we mention the game is awesome? Check this out:

And that’s not all…

The first 100 people who purchase Weekend Passes to Armour Con 2021 (going on sale tonight!) will receive a free unit box! So get ready to dive in: for the month of June, the Weekend Pass will be $67.50. After that, the full Weekend price will be $75.

Here’s what else will be available for sign-ups once you have your registration secured:

  • Age of Sigmar
  • Warhammer 40k
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battles
  • Malifaux
  • Flesh and Blood

And here’s what will be available for sign-ups in the coming month:

  • Conquest
  • A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game
  • Star Wars: Legion
  • SRG Supershow
  • Infinity
  • Bolt Action
  • Marvel Crisis Protocol
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • And More!
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