What’s Our Timeline?

Let’s discuss expectations moving forward!

Welcome to our second update for the convention! Over the next few months, we’re going to have a lot of ground to cover: we are trying to get Armour Con working in a very crazy environment, after all. We want to be as transparent as possible, because we only want this happening if we can make it as safe as possible for everyone. That means that yes, in a few months time, we may see the writing on the wall and have to postpone.

So today, let’s discuss our plan of attack.

Right now is Phase One (see what I did there?) This phase will be ongoing until May 31st. In this phase, we are focusing on getting everything in place for the convention, and sharing that with you. We’ll keep getting you updates on what’s going into Armour Con, and eventually, probably in April, we will open up an early adoption program for people who are excited. We’ll get more into early adoption at a later date, but for now, just know that however it’s implemented, it will be fully refundable if things go South.

Once we hit June, we’ll be in Phase Two. The thought process is that by June, Armour Con will have a good idea if October is safe. We’ll definitely know if bigger conventions (looking at you, Gen Con!) are going to go live by then, and will have a better idea of where America’s at. If Phase Two is all green, this is when Registration will open up alongside the planned convention schedule. If Phase Two is not all green, don’t fret: we have backup plans. If October proves to not be safe for a Convention to go live and public in Massachusetts, we will a) likely plan something Virtual anyway, and b) go with our rain date, which will be in January, 2022. That’s right, we have an option to go January already if things are a bit hairy!

Assuming everything goes smoothly, we will reach Phase Three on the first of September. You will still be able to Register, but this will be considered Late Registration: it just won’t be as cool, trust us. Phase Three is important because at that point, we’re do-or-die. It will mean we are locked in, and there will be a 95% chance we will be having the convention based on the current COVID environment.

Hopefully that helps manage your expectations going forward. Make no mistake: we know COVID will still be with us in some form even if all goes well and we have the convention in October. That’s why in our next update, we’ll talk about safety protocols and plans for how to have Armour Con feel as safe as possible in what may be many people’s first major social gathering in a long, long time.

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