Weekly Raffle Prizes

Have you been bored, stuck at home during the pandemic? Needing new supplies? Need to scratch your gaming itch? Maybe you just finished your backlog?

Well, we know you didn’t finish your backlog, but maybe it’s small enough you feel like you need to pump those numbers up.

Luckily for you, The Armoury is doing what it can to get gaming out to the masses, even if the masses can’t leave the house. Every week, they are doing $10 buy-in Raffles for all kinds of wild prizes that cover all aspects of tabletop gaming – the same sort of things you’d see and do at Armour Con!

  • Each $10 buy nets you one chance of winning that day
  • The more money in the pool, the bigger the prizes get
  • Prizes can be shipped out to anywhere (for the additional cost of shipping!)
  • Each $10 buy also gives you a chance at the monthly raffle for more prizes!

Follow The Armoury Wargames and Hobbies on Facebook to find out more: keep an eye out for updates from the store, or livestreams with Daniel’s happy mug all over them to hear what’s going on that day for prizes.

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